Test your compliance knowledge

As part of each TICO Talk, we will bring you information and refreshers about the regulations involved when selling travel.

Test your knowledge with the quiz on this page and then check out the Resources and Guidelines section of TICO’s website for more information and to download helpful resources.

Question #1

Susan is the owner of a yoga studio and has a group of yoga students who are interested in joining her on a custom retreat in Costa Rica. Susan reaches out to ABC Travel, a TICO-registered travel agency, to help organize and book the flights and accommodations. To help coordinate the group booking, Susan can do the following:

A. Collect the deposit for the trip from those who want to participate and bring the money to ABC Travel.

B. Provide travel documentation advice to her yoga studio students.

C. Provide the students with information obtained from ABC Travel regarding pricing, accommodations and contact information where they can reach ABC Travel for more details.

D. All of the above

Question #2

Lesley is the travel agent at ABC Travel who is booking the yoga retreat trip to Costa Rica. Which of the following is she required to provide to each person booking the trip with her?

A. Disclose information to the client that may affect their decision to book the trip.

B. Issue each client a customized invoice.

C. Explain the availability of medical and cancellation insurance.

D. All of the above.

Question #3

At what point during the booking process does Lesley have to disclose her travel counselling fee or service charge to each person booking on the retreat?

A. After full payment has been made.

B. Before the actual sale takes place.

C. When the client asks for information.

D. Both A and C.

Question #4

There are eight guests who have booked on the yoga retreat trip with Lesley. Six of the guests hold Canadian passports, while one holds an Italian passport and another guest holds a South African passport. What does Lesley need to disclose to each guest who has booked with her?

A. The documents and/or visas each guest will need to enter Costa Rica, based on the passport they are holding.

B. That a visa or other documentation might be necessary, and a website link for where they can check.

C. That Canadians do not need a visa to enter Costa Rica if their stay is less than 90 days.

D. None of the above, it’s up to each guest to determine what documentation or visas might be needed.

Question #5

After the group booked the trip, but before departure, Lesley learns from the tour operator that the pool and two of the a la carte restaurants at their resort will be closed for renovations during their stay. What must Lesley do?

A. Nothing, the group will find out when they arrive in destination.

B. Contact each person who booked and advise them of the choice of a comparable alternative resort or a full refund as offered by the tour operator.

C. Find a pool and restaurants they can use at a neighboring nearby resort.

D. Contact each person who booked and advise them about the renovations before departure.

Answer Key

Question #1 - C

Question #2 - D

Question #3 - B

Question #4 - A

Question #5 - B

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