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Wow Airlines: Compensation Fund filing deadline approaching

Do you have clients who booked with Wow Airlines but didn’t receive their travel services due to the airline ceasing operations?

Please remind them that the Compensation Fund filing deadline is fast approaching on September 30, 2019.

Late claims will not be processed.

Know of an aspiring Travel Counsellor or Supervisor/Manager?

TICO partnered with leading adult learning provider Oliver’s earlier this year to offer the TICO Travel Counsellor and Supervisor/Manager exams. The platform is easy-to-use and allows individuals to write their exams online, anywhere and anytime. The exam is e-proctored via webcam and microphone.

Because the travel industry is attractive to many people, TICO continues to monitor the marketplace for individuals selling travel are not TICO-certified and affiliated with a registered travel agency.

Do you know someone who is looking to enter the industry as a TICO-certified Travel Counsellor or is interested in taking the next step by becoming a Supervisor/Manager?

Online Payments Now Available for TICO Form 1 (Compensation Fund)

As TICO continues to increase its online services for registrants, we are pleased to announce that online payments are now available for semi-annual Compensation Fund payments (Form 1).

Q: How does online bill payment work?

TICO is set up with Royal Bank of Canada, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Toronto Dominion Bank, Bank of Montreal and the Bank of Nova Scotia. The process is similar to making online payments for other bills such as hydro or cable, etc. Simply set up TICO "FORM1 (COMP. FUND)” as a new payee in your online banking services.

Q: Which TICO payments can I use this for?

TICO accepts online payments for:

  • Semi-annual Compensation Fund payments (Form 1) – online payee name "TICO-Form1 (COMP. FUND)"
  • Annual TICO registration renewal – online payee name “TICO-Reg Renewal”

If you are making both payments, ensure they are made as separate payments using their respective online payee names.

Q: Do I still need to send TICO my completed and signed Form 1?

Yes. After you submit your online Form 1 payment, be sure to send TICO a completed and signed Form 1. Your payment will not be considered complete until both the payment and the completed and signed form are received.

You can submit your completed Form 1 at If sending by email, it is not necessary to mail the original.

Q: What is the benefit of using online bill payment?

Once you set up the account number(s), making a payment is fast, easy and convenient. Registrants can now enjoy the reliability and security associated with online payment systems and avoid the challenges and costs associated with issuing payments by cheque.

Q: What do I have to do to set up my online payment to TICO?

  1. Sign in to your bank's online banking
  2. Select bill payment
  3. Select set up payee
  4. Search for TICO-Form1 (COMP. FUND) and select
  5. Type in your TICO Registration Number as the Payee Account Number
  6. Make your payment

For any questions, please contact Annie Tse, Financial Compliance Administrator, at 905 624-6241 / 1-888-451-8426 ext 248 or email

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