Message from the Registrar

"The way we communicate is changing, the way we engage and offer services to registrants is changing and the regulatory environment in which we operate is changing."

Richard Smart

As the season changes from summer to fall, it’s also a time of change here at TICO. The way we communicate is changing, the way we engage and offer services to registrants is changing and the regulatory environment in which we operate is changing.

Enhancing our communications

First off, I’d like to welcome you to the all-new TICO Talk. Part of being a modern and progressive regulator means offering information, guidance and updates in a way that’s compelling to you, Ontario’s travel professionals. Moving to this new format allows us to share resources more efficiently in a number of different ways, including having videos embedded right in the publication. I hope you enjoy this new format and, please share this newsletter with your colleagues. Our goal is to continue reaching out to as many registrants as possible, to share the critical role you serve in embracing consumer protection across your businesses and marketplace.

Renewing our focus on registrant engagement

The whole team here at TICO believes in continuous improvement and we are always looking at ways to deliver more effectively and more efficiently on our mandate. That’s why we have renewed our focus on engaging Ontario’s travel industry and hearing directly from you about how we can do things better.

As part of our educational workshops, we have been asking participants for feedback on TICO’s services, communications and collateral. We value these interactions for many reasons, including the ability to keep our finger on the pulse of the industry. The result is mutually beneficial: participants are kept up-to-date about what’s new at TICO and have the chance to ask questions in-person, while TICO staff are provided with insightful feedback directly from industry professionals. We are using the insights from these sessions to plan future educational workshops and webinars, to enhance our communications with you, and to find new ways to engage in meaningful two-way dialogue.

Modernizing our services

With so much business now conducted online, it’s critical for TICO to keep up with the times. Over recent years, we have focused on modernizing our internal working environment, becoming more efficient at the execution of our mandate. Our focus is now geared to our external processes and interactions with our registrants. Last year, we enabled online payments for our annual registration renewals and migrated our education platform to an e-portal. Both initiatives make it easier and more efficient for registrants to work with TICO.

Recently, we’ve be enabled online payment capabilities for Form 1 assessments. And, we are in the process of developing a portal to allow registrants to complete their registration renewals online. Stay tuned for more information about these initiatives.

Continuing our collaboration with government

I would be remiss if I didn’t include an update about the ongoing regulatory review of the Travel Industry Act, 2002. TICO continues to collaborate with staff at the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services on updating the regulation to enhance consumer protection, reduce burden on business and enhance regulatory efficiencies. TICO is committed to keeping you up-to-date as the process continues.

For more information about the regulatory review, flip to the next page to view an update from TICO’s Annual General Meeting.

In closing

Fall is always a busy time, but I encourage you to keep reading the rest of this edition of TICO Talk. I welcome you to share your thoughts on the new TICO Talk format, ideas for educational sessions, communications or information you would like to see from us by reaching out to

Best wishes,

Richard Smart

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