5 tips for a smooth registration
renewal process

TICO’s registration staff are committed to processing registration renewals in a timely and efficient manner. To help ensure a smooth renewal process, consider these five tips:

Tip #1 - Submit your renewal application at least 10 days in advance

TICO has noticed a trend of companies submitting their registration renewals at the last minute. A renewal package is sent out 60 days prior to your registration expiring.

Be sure to submit your renewal application at least 10 days in advance on your expiration date to ensure there is enough time to process your renewal prior to your expiry date.

Before submitting your renewal application, please review it thoroughly to ensure all sections have been completed and the information is accurate.

Tip #2 - Make your renewal and Compensation Fund (FORM 1) payments online

You can now make both your registration renewal and Compensation Fund contribution payments online through your bank. Similar to paying your hydro or cable bill, simply set-up TICO as a payee (either TICO-Reg Renewal or TICO-FORM1) for quick and convenient processing. Click here for more details.

Tip #3 - Double check your email address on file

The majority of TICO’s communications to registrants are now sent via email, so be sure that we have the correct email address on file for you. You can update your email address on the registration renewal form, or opt-in with additional email addresses here.

Tip #4 - Obtain TICO certificates through Oliver’s

When completing your registration renewal application, you will need to submit the names and certificate numbers (“T-Numbers”) of all travel counsellors and supervisors/managers working at your company. Should you need a copy of their TICO certificate for reference, please contact Oliver’s Publishing (TICO’s new education partner) to have it re-issued. The fee to re-issue a certificate is $15. Oliver’s can be reached directly at 1-800-238-0377 or support@oliverslearning.com.

Tip #5 - Confirm that your trade names are still active with Service Ontario

As mentioned on page 4, any trade names your company uses must be registered with Service Ontario and part of your TICO registration. Trade names expire after five years with Service Ontario. Prior to submitting your registration renewal, be sure to verify that any trade names you use are still active with Service Ontario.

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