TICO on social media:
Why booking with a TICO-registered travel agency or website is a smart choice

TICO is active on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), sharing the benefits that come with booking with a TICO-registered travel agency or website. Our posts speak to the knowledge, professionalism and consumer protection that come when booking with a regulated Ontario travel retailer.

Over the past six months, TICO’s social media posts were seen 1.2 million times by more than 953,000 Ontarians. And, Ontarians aren’t just seeing the content, they are engaging with it too – they’re liking, sharing and clicking through to learn more.

Did you know that with one click, you can share TICO’s messages on your own social media feed? Follow our social media channels and simply click “share” to spread the word amongst your clients, family and friends. Check out the posts below for a preview of what you'll find on TICO's social media channels.

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