TICO's Consumer Awareness Campaign:

Showing consumers the value of using a TICO registrant

The last year and a half have been an unprecedented time for the travel industry, and also for consumers looking for information and support as they navigate cancellations, vouchers and refunds, ever-changing rules, and policies around travel.

A key pillar of TICO’s mandate is engaging Ontario travellers to ensure they are aware of the consumer protection available to them when they book through a TICO-registered travel agency or website.

TICO has been a steady voice in reminding consumers of the importance of booking with a TICO registrant when the time to travel is right, even if that travel is within our own borders.

  • TICO used Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts and ads to provide consumers with timely information, while also answering questions. Our information was seen nearly 3 million times.
  • We shared short videos (click here and here to view) that reminded consumers about the risks involved with not being informed. The videos were viewed 925,000 times.
  • Registrar and CEO Richard Smart was featured in a video series answering common consumer questions.
  • A new page on TICO's website provided a one-stop shop for timely and trusted information. The page was accessed nearly 80,000 times.
  • TICO's ads were displayed on Google when Ontarians were searching about travel-related topics, resulting in more than 40,000 visits to TICO's website to learn more about consumer protection.

Please see below for a sample of the content TICO has shared across its platforms. As always, we encourage you to follow and share the content across your own accounts. Click here for a how-to guide.

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