Reminder to renew business and trade names

Did you know that your business name and any trade names need to be renewed every five years? When you register a business name with Service Ontario, a Master Business License is issued to you, which shows the expiry date of your license. The onus is on you to renew your business name(s) and trade name(s) with Service Ontario. If you are still operating under the business name(s) indicated on your renewal application to TICO, please ensure the name(s) are still current and have not expired. If a business name is not renewed with Service Ontario, it will automatically be deleted from government records. The name will also be available for other businesses to use. When sending your renewal form to TICO, please provide a copy of the Master Business License as confirmation that any business name(s) and trade name(s) are current. New Ontario Business Registry

On October 19, the Ontario government launched the new Ontario Business Registry. The new Registry provides business owners with direct access to government services, available online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Businesses now have the ability to complete over 90 transactions online, including registering, incorporating, and updating their information.

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