Pandemic disclosure guidelines:

What agents must share with customers when booking travel

Providing thorough disclosures to your customers has always been an important part of the booking process. Now more than ever, it’s essential to demonstrate the value of working with a trusted and knowledgeable TICO registrant. Sharing timely and important travel information up front enables your customers to make informed decisions prior to completing their booking. TICO’s Compliance Department developed the Pandemic Disclosure Guidelines that will assist you with learning how best to disclose COVID-19 related information to your customers so they can travel with confidence.

The guidelines address:

  • A list of COVID-related disclosures to share prior to booking, such as quarantine requirements and vaccine acceptibility;
  • Information that must be shared on the invoice;
  • What to do if there are changes to the travel services after the booking takes place;
  • Common questions; and
  • Useful resources.

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