COVID-19 resources for registrants

As we navigate this crisis, it can be difficult to know where to go and who to listen to for factual, up-to-date information. The last thing you want is to make decisions based on rumour or speculation.

We are fortunate to be living at a unique point in time where we have access to numerous sources of information. We are also sharing information with others as easily and as quickly as we are receiving it.

However, we are all equally responsible for not only being well informed, but also for being accountable for the choices we make as a result of the information we are given.

With that in mind, we wanted to provide a list of key COVID-19 focused resources from approved health and government authorities that you can feel confident is both accurate and applicable.

Below you will find information on approved health and safety practices and statistical

information on the COVID-19 virus for the province of Ontario and Canada. There are easy to

follow fact sheets, check lists, contacts, as well as educational information to help you in your

day-to-day and work-related functions. There are recommendations for hygiene and physical

distancing as well as guidance for safely returning to the workplace. We’ve also included links

to travel-focused websites that impact both industry and consumers.

Public Health Ontario – COVID-19 Public Resources

Public Services Health and Safety Associations (PSHSA) – COVID-19 Resource Centre

Government of Ontario – Resources to prevent COVID-19 in the workplace

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) - Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Government of Canada - Find financial help during COVID-19

Government of Canada – Travel and Tourism

Canadian Transportation Agency

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