Connect with TICO - share your stories with us!

TICO has long maintained an open policy when it comes to communicating with you, but now more than ever

it's important for registrants to keep the lines of communication open. We want and need to hear from you in

order to understand the challenges you face, the questions you are receiving from consumers that you need

answered and access to resources, information and support that will assist you in maintaining your business

through this crisis period.

You already know that we are active on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). We hear from many

of you in the form of likes, shares, tags and comments when we post something that makes an impact or that

provides important travel and regulatory updates. We go to great lengths to your respond to your comments

and messages and to direct registrants and consumers to clear and accessible information.

But it's not just about travel-related news and information. It's about sharing your stories and experiences.

Stories are what have sustained us throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Stories of neighbours helping

neighbours, of people making a difference in their communities and stories that demonstrate the power of the

human spirit. As difficult as it may be to feel positive at a time like this, we encourage you to share your stories

with us and with your fellow registered travel agents and tour operators.

Whether it's about how you helped repatriate a Canadian traveller, or how you've managed the challenge of

addressing your customers' needs while working remotely........please share your story on social! Post a story,

a funny or moving anecdote, an image or even a link to an uplifting video. Sharing keeps us connected, keeps

us motivated and keeps us hopeful. Let's show everyone just how strong and resilient the travel community is.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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