Home-based business - what you need to know

In recent months TICO has received a number of calls and emails from registrants who believed that the Travel Industry Act, 2002 required businesses to operate out of a commercial location and had no choice but to terminate their registration and close their business because they were no longer able to support their commercial bricks and mortar location. These registrants did not realize that they had the option to move their business and operate out of their homes if they met the requirements. Here's what you need to know about the criteria for a home-based business.

Home-based business

  • The registrant may carry on business from a dwelling if they receive the permission of the Municipality responsible for enforcing local zoning requirements.
  • The registrant is required to provide a copy of the approval from the Municipality stating that a travel business from the dwelling is permitted along with their TICO Notice of Business Change Form to change their business address. Click here to access TICO’s Change of Business Address Form.
  • The registrant must have a business telephone number registered under the registrant’s company name and is different from any residential or personal telephone number.
  • The place of business must always be accessible to TICO inspectors. The registrant should make arrangements that are satisfactory to the Registrar to provide access to the registrant’s business records.

Are you thinking of terminating your registration because you didn’t think you met the criteria for a home-based business? Or have your recently terminated your registration? TICO's policy on Registrant Reinstatements outlines the process for re-entering/re-establishing your registration when the industry starts to recover. Click here for more information on Registrant Reinstatements.

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