News Briefs

Registration fees and Compensation Fund contributions waived until March 31, 2023

To assist the industry as it moves towards recovery, the Ontario government will provide funding to TICO, allowing TICO to waive registrant fees for a third year. Travel agencies and wholesalers will receive a fee waiver for annual registration renewal fees and Travel Industry Compensation Fund payments (Form-1) owed to TICO from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023. This will allow registrants to focus on their priority business needs without the added financial stress of meeting certain payment obligations with TICO. The waiver applies to all registrants registered with TICO as of March 31, 2022.

TICO extends COVID-19 burden relief measures for registrants

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, TICO has worked closely with the Ontario government to provide flexibility, support and burden relief for Ontario’s travel agencies and wholesalers.

On March 1, 2022, TICO announced that the following two regulatory amendments will be extended:

  • Temporarily exempting registrants with annual Ontario sales greater than $2 million from filing Annual Financial Statements for an additional two years, covering fiscal year-end dates until November 30, 2024. In most cases, a Verification Statement will be sufficient; and
  • Temporarily extending registrants’ ability to issue travel vouchers for an additional year until March 31, 2023.

TICO's Board Election

TICO is presently inviting nominations for one elected RETAIL or WHOLESALE position on the Board of Directors.

This continues to be an unprecedented time in the travel industry. We encourage eligible registrants to consider running for the Director position.

Deadline for Nominations The deadline for nominations is April 29, 2022.

TICO's Virtual Annual General Meeting

TICO will host its Annual General Meeting virtually on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 at 5 p.m.

Written notice must be received by the Secretary on or before May 13, 2022 of any motions to be made at the Annual Meeting.

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